Purchasing Images

All images are copyright of Anthony Goulding. To enquire about purchasing an image please contact me using one of the methods below:

To order and purchase a caricature of either an individual or group.
For me to ensure the picture is of the highest quality with the maximum effect I do require a conversation over the phone with you. This allows me to offer suggestions and talk through possibilities and ideas with you.

A high quality, up to date, head and shoulders face on picture is required. The larger the better and preferably smiling. I can only draw what I can see and cannot make a face up. If the picture supplied is not good enough, I will not be able to use it successfully.

All pictures differ in price depending on the amount of extra detail or people. Generally they start at £50.00 PLUS POSTAGE AND PACKAGING This increases the larger the paper used.

Telephone: 01636 707616

Mobile: 07940 173651

Email: anthony@caricatureart.co.uk

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